Reformulated to be Better

Introducing Dryspace Super 300™ the new reformulated commercial strength moisture absorbing desiccant absorbing up to 300% of excess humidity than outdated silica gel, clay, or simple calcium chloride desiccant products. Made from natural non-toxic materials & sealed within a leak proof Tyvek® membrane, its enviro - safe & secure for use in all cargo types.

Designed specifically for shipments to & from our southern hemisphere where success means traversing lengthy travelling times, unexpected transhipment delays & extreme temperature variations it performs longer reducing high humidity & moisture from occurring & stops condensation from developing in your container shipments. Living where we do & our continent being so large moisture damage is primary on our minds as our goods frequently transit long distances through transhipment ports & across national & international temperature zones.

Dryspace Super 300™ keeps absorbing for 90 days to reduce spoilage, mould, mildew, odours & rust from occurring in your shipments. From start to finish & into unsupervised storage areas in tropical ports, we cover your investment providing you peace of mind knowing that what was shipped arrives in the same condition as when it was packed.

Reformulated for the Environment

There are a lot of cheaper chemicals we could have used to reformulate an effective moisture absorber, instead we chose a natural but expensive higher grade of pure Calcium Chloride mixed with our proprietary organic binder. This purity costs more & the mixing with our organic binder takes longer but it ensures superior moisture absorbency performance for longer periods while preventing unwanted chemicals being disposed when delivery has been made. It's a win-win for everyone.

Dryspace Super 300™:

  • a new super-efficient, hydroscopic formula that absorbs up to 300%.
  • specially formulated for shipments across extreme temperature zones.
  • absorbs longer (90 days).
  • prevents cargo spoilage & losses.
  • low-cost solution in preventing moisture damage.
  • is clean, simple to use, safe, secure & maintenance free.
  • moisture is absorbed & converted into a semi-solid state.
  • does not leak or spill.
  • is made from non-toxic natural materials.
  • provides peace of mind knowing your covered when unexpected events occur.