Dryspace SUPER 300™  was created by an Australian owned import & export family food business partnering with A|B Dry and HPV. Their manufacturing expertise combined with our success shipping agricultural products all over the world provides you 60+ years experience protecting cargo from moisture damage.

We solved a problem

Every shipment to & from Australia moves through an opposing temperature zone as it transits across the equator. These are perfect conditions for container rain to flourish. Unsatisfied with the performance of other desiccants, we collaborated to formulate a superior desiccant for our unique geographical location.

A product of our geography

No matter the time of year, all shipments to & from Australia travels into an opposing season. By crossing the equator, every shipment is subject to the same extreme temperature fluctuations. Our geography prevents otherwise. That's why we formulated Dryspace SUPER 300™ to outperform by preventing excess moisture to form into water droplets. Now our product is available to you absorbing over 300% of its weight for 90 days to protect against moisture damage.

Every container shipped from Australia
risks moisture damage transiting the equator

Our history is importing & exporting agricultural products around the world. We live its problems daily. That's why created Dryspace Super 300™ and know how effective it is to confidently provide you with a superior & effective, easy, low-cost solution to preventing moisture damage.

No matter the product, the distance, the climate variations or the delays of the journey, Dryspace SUPER 300™ performs better & for longer to reduce your shipping risks.

We made Dryspace SUPER 300™ to work for us. Now its available for you.

Call us today. We offer our years of shipping experience advice & support to assist you in protecting & growing your business during these challenging times.


  • To provide cost effective protection from
    moisture damage.
  • To reduce product loss & retain profits.
  • To reduce customer complaints.
  • To reduce insurance claims.
  • To negotiate lower premiums.
  • To increase customer satisfaction & retention.
  • To enhance company brand & reputation.