As an integral part of how we conduct business, together with our manufacturing partners we have commenced the implementation of our product-wide “Carbon Neutral Sustainable Futures Program.” This is a large undertaking and an exciting new development for our range of desiccants. We look forward to announcing this new successful certified program in the coming months.

As a business we acknowledge our social contract starts with a values and principles based approach to business by operating in
a manner that meets the recognised responsibilities of human rights, labour,
the environment and anti-corruption.

Accordingly, we follow the United Nations Global Compact 10 Key Principles of responsibility to the planet and to all people.

These 10 Principles derive from:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles
    on the Rights at Work
  • Rio Declaration on Environment & Development
  • United Nations Convention
    Against Corruption

    Further info about our ethical & responsible sourcing policy.

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  • Sustainable

    Sustainability is part of our corporate value system. Every small action of ours implies a consequence at a human, social, economic
    or environmental level.

    At Dryspace™ we operate to meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment &

    We are aware that good practices in all aspects of sustainability go beyond our activities and take a responsible approach throughout the entire supply chain.

    It is our conviction that everyone must contribute to sustainable development adapting old methods into a brighter future. We start here. Join us today.

    united nations global compact


    At Dryspace we understand the importance of our footprint on our planet, and with our partners take our environmental stewardship seriously by sourcing ingredients that are nontoxic & eco-friendly.

    Super 300 is recyclable as we use naturally occuring, nontoxic ingredients that can be easily separated into chloride salt making it environmentally safe to dispose.

    As we grow, we are committed to researching to find new ways to improve what we do to be less intrusive on the environment & on the people who depend on it.

    With our partners, we are proud about the products we create. We want our customers to understand how they impact the world when they purchase from us, & to feel positive about their decision when choosing our products.

    Environmental consideration is at the top of our value proposition and we encourage all our clients and suppliers to support these values by choosing our products.