University of Sydney Analysis

Dryspace SUPER 300™ ABSORBS up to 300% for 90 DAYS.

Dryspace SUPER 300™ absorbs moisture by extracting water vapour present in the air, preventing the humidity inside a sealed container from reaching dew point & condensing into water.

The University of Sydney independent testing indicates our desiccant formula performs better than older silica gel, clay-based or pure calcium chloride desiccants.

Even in colder temperatures or low humidity, Dryspace SUPER 300™ still performs.

With our partners, Dryspace SUPER 300™ complies with world class certification authorities to its efficacy & performance.


Reformulated for our Geography

Dryspace SUPER 300™ is formulated for our southern hemisphere & for shipping businesses familiar with longer north & south bound transits. These containers cross into opposing seasons at the equator with the majority having to unload
at trans-shipment hubs where they can sit for days & even weeks in tropical humidity before continuing their journey.

These conditions are the perfect environment for moisture damage to flourish. Dryspace SUPER 300™ prevents these extreme fluctuations in humidity & moisture levels from triggering the dewpoint inside the container to form into water droplets that "rain down" on the cargo (cargo rain). Even after reloading, Dryspace SUPER 300™ continues to work for up to 90 days & even into port where further off-loading delays can occur.


Reformulated for the Environment

There are less expensive and more toxic chemicals available to formulate a moisture absorber providing inefficient absorbency rates of only 10% to 100% and lasting only 15-30 days. Most leak or drip or allow reabsorption back into the atmosphere.

We chose a more expensive process using a higher natural grade of Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) mixed with our organic binder and gel agent to maximise absorption that doesn't drip or leak. This ensures safe handling & superior moisture absorbency up to 300% for 90 days, the longest in the industry.

You'll have peace of mind knowing all our ingredients are naturally occurring & environmentally safe. (Please follow all local laws when disposing).


Dryspace SUPER 300™ protects cargo shipments from moisture damage during north & southbound transits
across the equator into extreme temperature zones & opposing seasons.
Why use Dryspace SUPER 300™ ?

  • To prevent moisture damage in cargo shipments.
  • To reduce product loses & wastage.
  • To protect & increase profits.
  • To protect your brand & company reputation.
  • To increase customer satisfaction & retention.
  • To reduce insurance claims.
  • To provide proof to support lower premium renegotiations.

Who should use Dryspace SUPER 300™ ?

Suppliers | Exporters | Freight Forwarders

Use Dryspace SUPER 300™ to protect all your shipments, preventing spoilage, losses, claims, & to ensure your goods safely arrive increasing your brands competency & company reputation


Advise suppliers to use Dryspace SUPER 300™ when they load your shipments. It has been formulated especially for todays' stressful shipping conditions of extreme weather conditions & unexpected delays while in port.

How to use Dryspace SUPER 300™

  1. Before loading, check the container.
    Is it structurally sound?
    Is it dry inside with no holes?
    Are the door seals securing properly?
  2. Ensure the moisture content of container floor does not exceed 20%.
  3. Seal the ventilation holes.
  4. The container is now ready to be packed.

How much Dryspace SUPER 300™ do I need? 

Each shipment is unique & should consider the following:

  • Expected length of voyage.
  • The natural moisture level of the goods.
  • The destination & expected variances of temperature & humidity the goods will transit through.
  • The modes of transport required; intermodal etc.
  • The size of container (20ft | 40ft | High Cube | Bulk).

Our service includes calculating the optimum desiccant required.

General Guide:

  • Low Moisture: 4-8 kgs / 20ft container | 8-16 kgs / 40ft.
  • High Moisture: 10-14 kgs / 20ft container | 18-26 kgs / 40ft.