Your shipment is protected with Dryspace Super 300™

Moisture in shipping containers is preventable. Without protection, it can lead to damage of goods as well as major
safety issues especially in food & pharmaceutical products. Let Dryspace SUPER 300™ protect your investment.
Agriculture / Foods

Sugar, grain, rice, pulses, legumes, seeds, cereals, animal feeds, nuts, dried meats, dried fruit, pet foods, vegetables, starches, inulin & glutens, all canned or bottled goods, etc.

Powders / Pharma

Milk powders, baby formulas, protein powders. All pharmaceutical & medicaments.


Built furniture, raw timber, chips & particles, all other timber products.


Sheets, tubes, coils, billets, machinery, vehicle parts & accessories.


All paper & board products, printed products. No repacking of mouldy or structurally damaged boxes.

Textile / Leather

Wool, cotton, garments, fabrics, leather, skins etc.


Short & long-term moving & storage of personal effects.


Chip boards, wiring, scientific equipment, all sensitive parts & electrical appliances.