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Where to use DRYSPACE™ Super 300:

DRYSPACE™ Super 300 is a multi-use commercial grade desiccant with superior hydroscopic properties to protect against moisture damage for:

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Agriculture products
Expensive value-added powders, Milk powders, Baby formulas, Pea protein powders, Grains, Pulses, Dehydrated vegetables & meats, Nuts (in shell & raw), Dried fruits, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, Rice, Flours, Starch, Pepper, Ginger, etc.

Wooden products
Furniture, Mouldings, Raw timber, Wood pulp, Paper products, Specialized printed packaging, etc.

Electrical goods
Appliances, Sensitive electronics, All electrical & parts, Cables, Wires etc.

Leather Goods
Footwear, Bags, Garments, Accessories, Furniture, etc.

Metal Products
Sheets, Bars, Beams, Coils, Billets, Machinery, Auto parts, etc.

Garments, Fabrics, Hats, etc.

Personal & Household 
Protecting personal effects during short or long-term journey through to storage

Protects cartons, boxes, specialized packaging, saving repacking costs.

Domestic - Home Storage, Sheds, Garages, Boats, RV, Trailers


Why use DRYSPACE™ Super 300

to reduce your product loses & wastage and increase your profits.

to reduce your customer complaints & claims.

to reduce your insurance claims & negotiate lower premiums.

to increase customer satisfaction.

to protect your brand and company reputation.


Who should use DRYSPACE™ Super 300?


As a Buyer - Advise your suppliers to use DRYSPACE™ Super 300 when they load your shipments. It has been formulated especially for todays' stressful shipping conditions of extreme weather & unexpected delays.

As a Supplier - Use DRYSPACE™ Super 300 to prevent spoilage, decrease losses & claims, ensure your goods safely arrive, protect your brands reputation.


Instructions for using DRYSPACE™ Super 300

  1. Check container before loading. Is it structurally sound? dry inside? has no

    holes? Are the rubber door seals in good condition & sealing properly?

  1. Ensure the moisture content of container floor does not exceed 20%.
  2. Close the ventilation holes & seal with adhesive tape.
  3. Hang the DRYSPACE™ Super 300 2kg bags on the interior hooks located

    around the ceiling & walls of the container.

  1. The container is now ready to be packed.