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DRYSPACE™ Super 300 absorbs 300% for 90 days

DRYSPACE Super 300 absorbs moisture by extracting water vapour present in the air, preventing the humidity inside a container from reaching the dew point & condensing. As DRYSPACE Super 300 absorbs, it passes through a one-way Tyvek® membrane & retained into our efficient hydroscopic formulation where it resides in a semi solid state within our proprietary organic binding agent. This prevents the bags from leaking. It is simple to use, effective & made with enviro-safe natural materials.

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University of Sydney independent testing proves that DRYSPACE™ Super 300 is superior to older silica gel, clay-based or pure calcium chloride desiccants. Working for 90 days, DRYSPACE™ Super 300 will absorb up to 180% of its weight in moisture increasing total weight by 300%. Even in colder temperatures or low humidity conditions DRYSPACE™ Super 300 still performs for 90 days absorbing 100% of its original weight.


With our partnership, DRYSPACE™ Super 300 complies with the following certifications as to it efficacy & performance:

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

ISO 9001 | 2015 


TUV Rheinland

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