3 Proven Sizes


We have found over the years there are 3 sizes that we go back to over & over again to maximise our costs because we know how expensive shipping is. Accordingly, we offer you the same 3 sizes that cover the majority of shipping requirements. 



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Maximum Space Allocation



1kg (Strip Bag). Place on top perimeter hooks. Designed to sit between container ribs to ensure maximum volume of container space is available without effecting performance.



Safety & Support | Smaller Shipments



1 kg (Hanging Bag). Placement for perimeter top hooks. Peak Performance is available in 1kg units for less intensive moisture protection or as backup safety coverage for larger 2kg bags. Can also be spread throughout container for coverage of smaller or part shipments. Yada yada still working on this



Power & Size



2 kg (Hanging Bag). Place on top perimeter hooks. The best value & size of coverage for the majority of shipments. Bigger size means value costing with optimum performance. Over 90% of our use is covered using a 2kg hanging bag.